Irina Bespalyuk

Owner of Pegas Terrace & Restaurant

“A restaurant that offers wonderful sensations and emotions through food is the result of my 16 years of work as a restaurateur. And I really enjoy this result.”

The history of Pegas Terrace & Restaurant is a continuous transformation and improvement. The interior, menu, and flavor of dishes have been improved. It is mostly the merit of Irina Bespalyuk, who was doing her best for 16 years to make the restaurant one of Chisinau’s most popular places.

Initially, Pegas Terrace & Restaurant was a family restaurant. Three years after the opening, it was transferred entirely to Irina’s management.

“My work involves constant communication with people, monitoring trends, and harmonious implementation of these in the cuisine and interior. The gastronomic culture continually develops worldwide. Therefore, in Moldova, I try to make trends come in practice, raising the bar in the restaurant business.

For example, we have become the first restaurant in Chisinau that started offering a healthy menu. We experiment with different cuisines of the world: recently, we’ve included a Hawaiian dish in our menu. Sometimes, you can even taste dishes from Mexico in our restaurant. We take only the most interesting recipes from the world cuisine and adapt it to the local one.”

Four times a year in Pegas Terrace & Restaurant, Irina organizes gastronomic dinners, or high cuisine evenings. You can try the dishes that you will not see on the regular menu. Invited chefs from other countries create real magic in the kitchen: they use elements of molecular cuisine and various ingredients and their combinations, which are unusual for Moldavian gourmets.

“The atmosphere and the delicious food depend not only on me. I work hand in hand with a strong team. We inspire each other. Chefs and waiters are the ones who have the most influence on our visitors’ impression of the restaurant.”