Екатерина Соколова
Ekaterina Sokolova
Pegas Terrace&Restaurant Sommelier
Pegas Terrace&Restaurant is an iconic high-end restaurant, which deserves a distinctive wine philosophy. Being a professional sommelier with many years of experience, when developing the wine menu for Pegas Terrace&Restaurant, the task I set for myself was to make sure that every guest of the restaurant could order a wine to their liking, matching their favorite dish. Wine that is chosen accurately and served correctly helps to fully appreciate the harmony of this drink.

The wine menu of a restaurant defines its personality. A fundamental step while choosing the wines for the restaurant was the desire to completely exclude from the menu wines that you can buy at a store. I decided to focus on local, medium-sized producers, which offer unique styles of wines and a variety of flavors and aromas.

A wine menu of a restaurant is a living organism that must evolve and change along with the latest trends in winemaking and according to new menu items. When you come to Pegas Terrace&Restaurant, you are sure to get a flavorsome, interesting and unique experience every time.