Vitaliy Storozh

Pegas Terrace & Restaurant Pastry Chef

“I love my work because it has no boundaries. New technologies, knowledge, and products appear every day. Topping these off with 12 years of experience as a pastry chef, you get amazingly delicious desserts that guests truly enjoy.”

Vitaliy was born in Odessa. Here, he got the culinary education — at the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. He began his practice in a small cafe. Still, his talent and perseverance allowed him to quickly get a job as a pastry cook, and then a pastry chef in popular restaurants of Odessa.

Vitaly participated in a variety of workshops organized by French pastry chefs. He was invited to update the menu and coordinate the work of the kitchen in restaurants in Kyiv and Odesa. For 15 years, Vitaliy Storozh has been a pastry cook. Twelve of these years, he worked as a pastry chef. He has something to be proud of and still has something to strive for.

“In the art of confectionery, you must be able to cook everything: from eclairs, croissants, and Tiramisu to sophisticated custom-made cakes and chocolate figures. I love complex desserts and combinations of new flavors, as these allow learning new things.”

During a year and a half of work at Pegas Terrace & Restaurant, Vitaliy introduced plenty of new positions to the dessert menu, and he is not going to stop there. You can enjoy lemon tart, apple Napoleon, cherry strudel, and other delicious desserts in the restaurant.

“I believe that each restaurant should have a unique menu. People come not only to spend some time in a restaurant with a certain interior but also to try special dishes prepared by the chef’s team. Therefore, our menu has both classic desserts and seasonal ones — we always do our best to surprise guests with the new flavors.”